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Moving Volumes from 32-bit aggr to 64-bit aggr on same filer


I have recently added a new shelf of disk to my filer and configured it as a 64-bit aggregate.  I also have two existing 32-bit aggregates that were created on disk that was configured using non-optimal RAID group sizes which I would like to correct.  I am looking for a way I can move the data from the 32-bit aggregate to the 64-bit aggregate, as non-disruptively as possible, so that I can address the RAID issue and use the disks to create a new 64-bit aggregate.  I have seen posts where they discuss using Snapmirror but most of them look like they are going from one filer to another filer.  In my case, I need to move data within the same filer.  There were other solutions mentioned that talked about Qtrees which we do not currently use so I'm assuming that will not help me either.

We are running DataONTAP 8.1.2 7-Mode on a V3240 HA cluster (two filers).  I was told that moving the data would be "easy" when we got to 8.1.2 so I hope there is a solution that I just haven't come across.  Any assistance would be appreciated.





Hi Bill and welcome to the Communities!

You can use SnapMirror to move data within the same filer.

For LUNs the whole process can be completely non-disruptive if you use DataMotion for Volumes: