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SRA for Multiple Storage/Site


I posted the same question on VMware but thought I'd try it here as well.

I have multiple sites and each site will be failing over to one DR site. I'm trying to refrain from having a vCenter server/SRM instance for each "protected" site. Could 1 SRA/SRM manage multiple storage at the protected site?



A few notes on replication taken from TR-4064 Deploying VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5 with NetApp FAS/V-Series Storage Systems

Each storage controller or vFiler unit in a NetApp FAS system is considered an array in SRM. SRM supports certain array-to-array (or controller-to-controller) replication layouts

The SnapMirror relationship layout scenarios shown here are supported. Each virtual machine in the replicated volumes owns data on only one array within each site.

Here are some UNSUPPORTED replication layouts.

Relationships in which the data (vmdk or RDM) owned by any individual virtual machine exists on multiple arrays (physical controller or vFiler) are not supported.

Any replication relationship where an individual NetApp volume or qtree is replicated from one source array to multiple destinations, in the same array or different arrays, is referred to as SnapMirror fan-out and is not supported with SRM.

SRM 5 does not support cascading of SnapMirror relationships, where a source volume or qtree is replicated to a destination volume, and that destination volume is also replicated by using SnapMirror to another destination volume. In this scenario you cannot use SRM for failover between any sites.