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ONTAP Rest API Discussions

AIQUM v9.7 REST API GET can't show flexgroup constituent volumes aggregates list


the vol in activeiq webview can show flexgroup constituent volumes but rest api does not show - any idia?



Rezk Mekhael



Some RFEs have been filed already like RFE/burt 1282128


do y have curl/rest-api example command  to get the  flexgroup constituent volumes aggregates list ?





Hi Rezk,


Try using the Active IQ gateway REST API Get method: /gateways/{uuid}/{path} EG:


curl -X GET "https://aiqum.demo.netapp.com/api/gateways/2f3c6e9c-acfc-11e9-8271-005056b03109/storage/volumes/dec3deac-aee4-11ea-85a7-005056b01307%3Ffields%3Daggregates" -H "accept: application/hal+json" -H "X-Dot-SVM-UUID: 503ac2b8-acfe-11e9-8271-005056b03109" -H "authorization: Basic YWRtaW46TmV0YXBwMSE=" -H "UM-CSRF-Token: 341e13f1-728a-4c6e-a8f6-abf9a624f271"


Where the first UUID is the datasource (cluster) and the path is the relative ONTAP REST API path for the flexgroup volume:




Based on the above example the Active IQ REST API returns an array of aggregates for the flexgroup volume (I only have one aggregate in my lab but in theory if you flexgroup was distributed on mulitple aggregates it should return a list of them)


  "uuid": "dec3deac-aee4-11ea-85a7-005056b01307",
  "name": "flexgroup_001",
  "aggregates": [
      "name": "aggr1_cluster2_01",
      "uuid": "e329b91b-0633-4186-8c8d-aa4c7191da16"
  "_links": {
    "self": {
      "href": "/api/gateways/2f3c6e9c-acfc-11e9-8271-005056b03109/storage/volumes/dec3deac-aee4-11ea-85a7-005056b01307"


Also check out the PowerShell module I'm developing for Active IQ . Perhaps there are some useful functions and example in the module for you to use. Hope that helps?



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ONTAP 9.7 introduced a redesign of ONTAP System Manager, which helps simplify configuration operations. However, this redesign also means that fewer advanced configuration options are available. If you want to use the classic version of System Manager




Volumes reported in the GET REST API
The following types of volumes are reported:
RW, DP and LS volume
FlexGroup volume
FlexCache volume
FlexClone volume
The following types of volumes are not reported:
DEL volume
TEMP volume
Node Root volume
System Vserver volume
FlexGroup constituent
FlexCache constituent

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