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REST API - Uploading, Deleting and Listing Folders and Files in a CIFS Share



I would like to be able to utilize the REST API of ONTAP to be able to READ/WRITE/DELETE files on a share. I want to be able to make HTTPS requests to do this.

I believe I have found the calls https://< IP ADDRESS>/docs/api/. See attached picture. 

I'll have our programmer look into it, but I would like to confirm this capability.  Any help on this would be very helpful.




With ONTAP 9.7, you are able to read files using a GET on the /api/storage/volumes/{volume.uuid}/files/{path} endpoint. In the next version of ONTAP, you will also be able to create, rewrite, rename, delete files (but not in 9.7)


Thanks for the speedy response. Is it true 9.8 is approaching general release?


I can't share any specific date, but yes, it is approaching a general release.


No Problem. Is there a summary sheet of enhancements that will be included in this release you can share with me? I am expecting another nice enhancement in and would like to know what the other ones will be.


When the release does go live, you can expect a summary of the changes and additions to be posted, but I don't have anything that I can share right now.

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