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We are looking on installing Harvest 1.6 and using python3.6.  We have not starting moving to python3 yet and this is my first earnest attempt.  I see ...read more
we are having really bad dedup/compression rates on our Exchange 2013 DAG log drive. Volume/LUN separated for each cluster node. So log volume grows a ...read more
Hi to all,   i able to open and explore this shares \\ipaddress_of_filer\c$ i see all directory and file but when i unable to open etc directory. When ...read more
I am trying to get a comprehensive list of storage on my 7-mode array using OCI. My question is.... what's the difference between the VOLUME and INTER ...read more
Hello,   i'm currenty testing in my vSphere 7 environment VVOL's. I have installed the Virtual Storage Console 9.7.1 on a local datastore of my host. ...read more
We have two file servers for home directory space, with six separate quota-enforced trees depending on what project you're on.  They're serving files ...read more
Hello, We're adding additional DS212C shelves to our FAS8200 cluster.  The cluster has 2 non-root aggregates, that are identical 18 drive hybrids w/ a ...read more
Trying to find the shelf and cable view and I'm having a hard time trying to find it.  Was it removed, or am I missing it? TasP
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