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Team   While integrating OCUM 9.4 and WFA 4.2 with cDOT 9.4 the common practrice is to use admin account on OCUM.The security policies we have limits ...read more
Hi all.    We have a FAS2220 with firmware 8.1.3 7 mode.    We want to move Volumes from this controller to a FAS2552.    I understand we can't make t ...read more
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Multiple times a day I get the following error in the logs:   Event: secd.ldap.noServers: None of the LDAP servers configured for Vserver (*******) a ...read more
Greetings All, We are currently ensuring that our STIGs for all servers are in place and I have two areas that I cannot find a resolution for.  They a ...read more
Hi,   I'm running a FAS2554 (20x4TB+4xSSD) with cDOT 8.3.2P12 that was for about 2 years a SnapMirror destination and now, after moving in a new datac ...read more
Hey Everyone,I'm fairly new to c-mode, and i have 2 - 4 node clusters that i've got set up and running great on 8.1.2.Now i need to change management ...read more
Thankfully, I discovered today that OnTAP 9.6 will not support the 7 Mode Transition Tool, according to the Release Notes. I say "thankfully" because ...read more
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