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Welcome to the SnapManager to SnapCenter Transition Community!  We have created this community so that you can ask your questions for the SnapManager ...read more
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Hi,   we have a problem with one of our filers. It is a two node cluster with 8060 nodes.   We are getting from time to time theser errors: Event: Nbl ...read more
By default, 5 minutes would be the polling interval, and can be adjusted to 10 mins or more. Can I set it to be any values less than 5 minutes? What i ...read more
Hey,I read somewhere that with FlexGroup as a vmware datastore you can achieve QOS in a vm granular-level.how can it be done? Just by setting QOS poli ...read more
How do you browse a CIFS Server using the local administrator account? We have a CIFS Server that's going to be disconnected from the domain, and our ...read more
I'm using ONTAPI version 1.3 and I'm trying to collect cifs share information. In the response XML I'm only seeing the volume name, I wish to get the ...read more
Hello I have a problem with the create aggregate only show me Manually Create Aggregate and not show Storage Recommendation. Also in the moment of cre ...read more
Hi, I am cleaning up an old netapp FAS3250. When I connect one of the shelfs to the controller, one of the disks seems to be a filesystem disk. See be ...read more
Has anyone used the latest ONTAP 9.9 with ESXi 6.0?We have a customer who is still using ESXi 6.0 managed by internal team & wants to leverage our AFF ...read more
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