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I am Scott Peiffer, Sr. Director from the ONTAP System Manager Product Management & Technical Marketing team. Thank you to our many passionate custome ...read more
Hi guys,I have a Dell NetWorker client and we need to create a backup repository on NetApp.Are there NetApp best practices for working with NetWorker? ...read more
Hello Everyone, Its kind of a stupid question but.. We are planning to replace our old NX5596  with 3132Q-V. There is a detailed document that explain ...read more
I have an ifgrp created as follows where it is being connected to a Cisco Nexus using VPC, I would like to know what the balancing method should be co ...read more
There is NFS volume containing about 500 GB data, however, about 450GB data is being used by SnapShots due to a frequent changed/deleted data in a dir ...read more
Hi Folks, Is there any specific user guide to configure NDMP with veritas netbackup 8.3. I have already gone through all sort of documentation on neta ...read more
Original cluster nodes are version 9.7p10 and I  just added 2x nodes running 9.7p6 (went from 2x node switched cluster to 4x node cluster).  I'm going ...read more
We are relatively new to netapp on tap and have been trying to configure LDAP (FreeIPA LDAP) on the ONTAP 9.8 simulator to allow LDAP users to login t ...read more
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