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Unable to send test Emails through SMTP




I'm trying to configure our new StorageGRID system to send AutoSupport and Alerts through SMTP.  I'm getting this error:


Aug 30 20:36:21 <AdminNode> ALRTMGR[16883]: level=error ts=2021-08-30T20:36:21.876Z caller=notify.go:372 component=dispatcher msg="Error on notify" err="create SMTP client: 421 4.3.2 Service not available" context_err="context deadline exceeded"


The subnet my Admin Nodes are on have been whitelisted in Exchange and on our F5s.  Is there a way I can run a trace from the StorageGRID to our mail servers to see where its failing?  Can anyone give me some insight on what this error means?



Ye, has pointed in right direction. Looks like network route(421 4.3.2 Service not available) issue.


StorageGRID cannot reach mail host:


Adding to or changing subnet lists on the Admin Network:


do you have a separate network for the admin network and grid network or only a grid network?  if you have a separate network, are those both routeable?


Is the configuration ok ?


How to configure email notifications on NetApp StorageGrid:


Some standard troubleshooting steps:
1) Ping check between storagegrid and your mail server (Check if there is any firewall in place).
2) Check if mail server DNS name could be resolved to an IP address (if mail server is configured using a DNS name).
3) Storagegrid Node IP is added to the "trusted hosts" list of your mail server


1) I'm able to ping the mail server on both our admin nodes.

2) Mail server can be resolved by DNS.

3) Subnet that the Admin nodes are on have been added to the "trusted hosts" by our Exchange Admins.


I did try to telnet using port 25 into the mail server and this is the error I get:


Connected to <mail server>.
Escape character is '^]'.
421 4.3.2 Service not available
Connection closed by foreign host.

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