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About create_share_from_snapshot_support


Hi ,Now I use Manila and try to create manila share with create_share_from_snapshot_support option.


When ShareType create_share_from_snapshot_support is set to True and
an attempt is made to create a share from a snapshot with the following command,
an error occurred and the creation failed.


Can you tell me why manila create command is failed ?


$ manila create --snapshot-id 7b373020-e372-47b7-9781-ef07221f7b1a --share-type netapp --share-network ${TEST_PROJECT}_SHARE_NET --name ${TEST_PROJECT}_nfs_by_snapshot NFS 15
ERROR: A new share may not be created from snapshot '7b373020-e372-47b7-9781-ef07221f7b1a', because the snapshot's parent share does not have that capability.





Hi Mitsuhiko


Are you using the NetApp Manila driver with driver_handles_share_servers=True? The command you are using to create a Manila share from a snapshot has the share-type and share-network specified, which would not be needed if working with driver_handles_share_servers=False


It looks like the create_share_from_snapshot_support extra spec was set on the Manila share type after the snapshot was created. I would recommend creating a new Manila share type with the following extra specs set:

1. snapshot_support=True

2. create_share_from_snapshot_support=True


You should then go ahead and create a Manila share, a snapshot for the share and then attempt to create a share from the snapshot.


Hi balaramesh,


Thanks for the reply.I will try your advice later.


Before getting your advice ,I tried creating to excute the following command again,and it was created without error.

This time, Icreated a snapshot of 100GB share and created a 100GB share from the snapshot.


Is there any reason that the result changes depending on the specified size?


$ manila create --snapshot-id aff8616d-e65c-4861-9faa-d8a7ed2be1c3 --share-type netapp --share-network ${TEST_PROJECT}_SHARE_NET --name ${TEST_PROJECT}_nfs_by_snapshot NFS 100



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