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Kilo glance filesystem_store_metadata_file: failed to configure store correctly


I've been using the filesystem_store_metadata_file JSON format in glance in the past successfully as described here:


I was able to clone glance images into cinder volumes instantly. Now with Kilo, glance-api complains:


2015-04-29 19:19:23.984 10754 WARNING glance_store.driver [-] Failed to configure store correctly: Store filesystem could not be configured correctly. Reason: The JSON in the metadata file /etc/glance/meta.json is not valid and it can not be used: 'id' is a required property


Failed validating 'required' in schema['items']:

    {'properties': {'id': {'type': 'string'},

                    'mountpoint': {'type': 'string'}},

     'required': ['id', 'mountpoint'],

     'type': 'object'}


On instance[0]:

    {u'mount_point': u'/var/lib/glance/images',

     u'share_location': u'nfs://',

     u'type': u'nfs'}. Disabling add method.


I made a new JSON file with the mountpoint and id inside, however how do I now pass the share_location? Does anyone have an example how this would work?

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