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Live migration abnormal behavior


Hi experts,

I've got the some trouble on customer site where are using openstack iscsi cinder driver.
(Environment: KVM with Ubuntu12.04, Havana release, iscsi cinder driver with FAS)
Let me explain the symptom of the problem as below.




[Test Scenario]

1. Each VM assigned 1 volume, MAP02 VM only assigned VOL05 additionally

2. TEST_VOL_MAP01 VM was live-migrated to COMP02 host. (No problem)

    -> Lun-2 assigned to COMP02 as a lun id

3.TEST_VOL_MAP01 VM was live-migrated again to COMP01 host. (No problem)

    -> Lun-0 assigned to COMP01 as a lun id

4. TEST_VOL_MAP01 VM was live-migrated again to COMP02 host. (Failed)

    -> IO Error related with the existing mapper file.

    -> The lun mapped as lun-2 at COMP02, on the other hand, VM is working at the existing host(COMP01), Storage perspectives 1 LUN mapped to two host at once.

5. After rebooting the TEST_VOL_MAP01 VM, the VM mounted lun-2(50GB) instead of lun-0(10GB)


In my guess, it seems that nova DB doesn't refresh the backend info correctly.

Does anyone have seen this kind of error before?

I attached cinder.log and nova.log files to refer.


Thanks in advance

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