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401 Access denied when trying to download ONPTAP Simulator


Hello there,

I'm currenty studying for NSO145, and I need a NetApp ONTAP Simulator, but when I try to download it from the page itself, the platform says: "401 Access denied". So, I have a question - how can I download the simulator (if I'm not wrong, the simulator only reqiueres free registration and thats it. I did the registration in order to get access to the WBT which are connected to the NSO-145 exam, but I do not have access to the simulator itself).


How can download it?


Thanks in advance for your time.

Best regards,




Hi Lyubomir,


Did you try downloading it from


There are also instructions in the Developers section of the NetApp community:



Here is a specific article on downloading the simulator:


Hope that helps.




Hello and thanks for the advice.


I'm still getting the 401 Unauthorized Access, even with this links.


Any oither suggestions or ideas?

A free account alone is not enough. It must be linked to a valid serial number to enable downloads. Your account may not be linked to your NetApp serial number.
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