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8.1.1 Simulator and CloudStack

Hi all,

my customer would like to use the 8.1.1 simulator in a CloudStack environment, but CloudStack templates can only have a single virtual disk.  Is there any way to modify the 8.1.1 simulator to function with only a single virtual disk?  Thanks!



Re: 8.1.1 Simulator and CloudStack


Even if it were to work like that, there would most likely be an issue that also hampers KVM/Xen; Apparently the 8.x simulator requires certain device ID's that only VMWare gives in a (to the simulator) recognizable form.

Personally I haven't even gotten past getting 8.x to boot on a KVM virtual machine as the simulator uses a multi-image VMWare install and don't have a clue how to convert this into something KVM understands.


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