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8.1 Simulator core dumps

I've had a nummber of instances of 8.1 simulator running on Vmware workstation 8 and every single one of them goes to panic mode after a while and ends up with a core dump. when you restart the filer, it never boots up successfully but instead keeps going in to the same core dump mode.... This happens to every one of them after running for about 3 -5 days...
The only thing worth noting is that
  • I've modified the serial numbers on them (in order to be able to add to OnCommand DFM) as per the NetApp recommended steps (set bootarg.nvram.sysid=1111111101 & set SYS_SERIAL_NUM=1111111101)
  • I've added 2 x additional disk shelves and populated them with the 28 x 1GB disks, again as per NetApp recommendation

Any idea why this is happening?? anyone else with the same problem??


Re: 8.1 Simulator core dumps

Re: 8.1 Simulator core dumps

Not quite sure if its the same thing.... in my case, I can change both the serial number and the sys id successfully but the problem is the eventual core dump. It appears that few others are having the same issue....

Now what I dont know is if the core dump happens because of this sys id and serial num change.... do you??

Re: 8.1 Simulator core dumps

Now what I dont know is if the core dump happens because of this sys id and serial num change.... do you??

I don't know that either, but thought it may be related.

Re: 8.1 Simulator core dumps

Hi Guys


I am also getting the error core dumping to disk , its reporting like CORE DUMP: START core dumping to disk  then after its completing coredumping then shows like CORE DUMP END


Please find the attachment also , i am geeting the error in vsim.


Please to sort me this problem

Re: 8.1 Simulator core dumps

The useful part has already scrolled off screen.    What was the panic message?


If the panic was from the sysid/serial change it would panic at boot, every time. 


Sometimes the IDE drive containing the sim disks fills.  If you've added disks, check df -h from the systemshell to see if the device mounted on /sim is full.  8.1 was still a classic disk model vsim, so it should be a slice off ad0.  On newer standard diskmodel sims its on ad3.  Classic diskmodel sims used to have pretty small /sim volumes, but I don't recall when they changed to the larger device.





Re: 8.1 Simulator core dumps

Hi ,


Thank you for your valuable response,


Please see  my attchment which i have attached in this mail then you will able to understand clearly my problem.


I am not able to get the Data ONTAP prompt also, frequently it is going to core dumping to disk then rebooting .


but i can able to get maintanance mode and loader, now guide me what i have to do recovery my Data ONTAP prompt and if possible provide some of commands .


May i know why this kind of errors occurs, what is the reason and solution .


Thank you




Re: 8.1 Simulator core dumps

The panic you are seeing is caused by changing the sysid/serial number after the first boot.  The file referenced by the panic: /sim/dev/,disks/,reservations is used to simulate scsi reservations on the simulated hard disks.  Since you've changed the sysid, you need to remove that file so a new one can be created.


To remove that file:

  1. power on the simulator
  2. Press ctrl-C when prompted to stop at the boot menu
  3. At the boot menu prompt, enter this command instead of picking a menu item:
  4. At the systemshell prompt, enter this command to remove the reservations file:
    rm /sim/dev/,disks/,reservations
  5. Type exit to return to the boot menu:
  6. At the boot menu, pick option 8 to reboot the simulator

The old sysid is also imprinted on the nvram slice, so you will probably see a message during the next boot asking if you want ot overwrite.  Pick "y"


If you have installed ontap (option 4) before changing the sysid, you will also need to boot into maintenance mode and reassign the disks to the new sysid.  Search my old posts for a full walk through of this particular scenario.




Re: 8.1 Simulator core dumps

Hi ,


i followed your steps and remove the reservations file after that i have rebooted while booting its not asking any overwrite as like you mention your previous post.


after booting again its going to core dumping to disk but this time panic message was changed .


please to see the attachment after removing reservation file and reboot the node. Its showing that aggregate offline but i checked in maintainance mode that aggr0 is online.





Re: 8.1 Simulator core dumps

Go back into the systemshell and check the free space on /sim


Can you post a df -h from the systemshell?