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NetApp Simulator Version 8 in Hyper-V

Is there any way to get this in .VHD format?  I tried using WinImage 8.1 to convert the .vmdk's to .vhd's and am getting an, "Invalid Slice, No /Boot/Loader" error when I bring this up in Hyper-V.


Thanks for any information you may provide.


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A number of people have tried porting the DOT8 simulator to Hyper-V without success. The key as we've recently realized is that the virtual hardware Hyper-V presents to Data ONTAP is different than what is presented by VMware. The DOT8 simulator doesn't currently have drivers for the Hyper-V virtualized hardware, so even if you translate the VMDK's to VHD's you'll run into a lack of drivers for basic hardware that will prevent you from booting successfully. I can't say if your error message is due to that or a disk translation issue. As far as I know, the ETA for Hyper-V support in the DOT8 simulator is over a year away. Right now your best bet would be to use one of the VMware products. Player is free and can run the DOT8 simulator well.

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Hello, Miroslav.

Was anything changed with support of Hyper-V by your DOT-simulator? Or it is still unable to run it on Hyper-V?

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Cant Install VMware if Hypervisor is enabled on Win8. all my VM's is on Hyper V. Any update for HyperV Sim Release?

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IT's the same situation for me.


I Can't the install Vmware Workstation bevcause Hyper-V already installed.


I Used ConvertTo-MvmcVirtualHardDisk and create an virtual machine in Hyper-V, but i received the next message in the boot:


bootarg.init.low_mem set. This will set the FreeBSD size to 512MB.

NetApp Data ONTAP 8.2.1 7-Mode

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I do not introduced myself.


I am a new member in the forum. My Name is Moises, Brazilian and i startup working with NetApp System.


NetApp is the my new diversion... rsrsrs


I Work in the You.I.T, is a integrator and reseller products of NetAPP.

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I can't believe people have been asking for this for 4 or 5 years, but there still is no support for Hyper-V.



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Same suituation here ... expecting a remake/release of a MS hyper-v compatible DOT8 simulator from NetApp.


This is seriously taking way too long ...

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Hi, I am new to here.


It is true that you can't install Vmware hypervisor on Windows 8 with HyperV. To have VMware hypervisor, you need to remove the HyperV feature from Windows 8 and then reboot. I have success with that, I hope this help users out there. The VMware hypervisor I use is VMware workstation 11.



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Perhaps this will be a useful data point:

I have seen hangs at this exact point when running older "q" images of ontap in the simulator.  This is the point where the loader passes execution to the kernel.  As it turns out, older (8.0 era) optimized kernels were missing the drivers required to run the vidconsole (among other things).   So console output fails back to the comconsole on serial0.


Whatever errors the sim is throwing here are probably landing on the comconsole.  If anyone is still trying to get it running on hyper-v, you might try booting with a comconsole configured to see if any additional information is presented.  The next likely sticking point would be NIC drivers, followed by more subtle things like timing accuracy within the guest.