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Sim 7M to CDOT 8.3

So I'm tyring to document the procedure for internal use per scenarios. I looked to use the Simulators to be a resouce, so far I have been able to accomplish this process...


Single Node, as my poor laptop doesn't have the resources to run another.


8.2.3 7Mode spun up and configured

8.2.3 CDOT setup and configured from boot

8.3.1 RC1 image installed from boot, when finishing the upgrade it has a Panaic and aborts.




So my question, is this process even possible within the simulators?




Re: Sim 7M to CDOT 8.3

This might help you out


but it seems you can't go from 8.2 to 8.3


" Upgrading the 8.2.1 Cdot simulator to version 8.3 unfortunately will not work.

The underlying BSD setup is different, and we cannot change that. The simulator crashes completely "


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Re: Sim 7M to CDOT 8.3

Yea that was kind of my fear of what would be the case as to why it just kept crashing at the end. 


Now to convince NetApp to give me gear to demo upgrade processes to clients Smiley Tongue   I have a feeling I know how that one will turn out too. 


Thanks for your reply!

Re: Sim 7M to CDOT 8.3

no probs, good luck with getting hte kit !

Re: Sim 7M to CDOT 8.3

You can upgrade, but you have to make some adjustments to the sim prior to the upgrade so it has the resources to run 8.3. 

That should just involve more ram (3-4gb), a larger root vol (~4gb), and persistent VNVRAM in full mode.






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Re: Sim 7M to CDOT 8.3

I've been meaning to reply to this post for awhile for others whom have questioned doing this and are looking. I was able to get this to work by doing such as you mentioned. Takes a little work but achieveable. 



Re: Sim 7M to CDOT 8.3

Thanks.  Glad you got it worked out.  I actually wrote a doc for that whole procedure but in this iteration of the communities forums theres no good way to post it.


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