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8.2.1RC1 VSIM?

Anyone know when 8.2.1RC1 VSIM posts?  Or if you see it posted please post back here in case I miss it when it is available.


Re: 8.2.1RC1 VSIM?

Have you tried an upgrade?   When 8.2 hit RC it took quite a while to get new VSIMS out so I just upgraded my 8.1.x instances with the RC bits. 

Re: 8.2.1RC1 VSIM?

Upgrade tgz for vsim isn't available to resellers.

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Re: 8.2.1RC1 VSIM?

The regular 821RC_q_image.tgz works in the sim.  It may fail due to timeout because the sim is rediculously slow, and it may fail if you don't have a large enough root volume (1gb is not enough).

vSIM80::> system node run -node local sysconfig -av

        NetApp Release 8.2.1RC1 Cluster-Mode: Wed Nov 20 15:25:04 PST 2013

        System ID: 4034389062 (vSIM80-01)

        System Serial Number: 4034389-06-2 (vSIM80-01)

        System Storage Configuration: Multi-Path

        System ACP Connectivity: NA

        slot 0: System Board 2.3 GHz (NetApp VSim)

                Model Name:         SIMBOX

                Serial Number:      999999

                Loader version:     1.0

                Processors:         2

                Memory Size:        1599 MB

                Memory Attributes:  None

        slot 0: 10/100/1000 Ethernet Controller V

                e0a MAC Address:    00:50:56:9e:9c:09 (auto-1000t-fd-up)

                e0b MAC Address:    00:50:56:9e:ca:c1 (auto-1000t-fd-up)

                e0c MAC Address:    00:50:56:9e:e0:e9 (auto-1000t-fd-up)

                e0d MAC Address:    00:50:56:9e:c3:eb (auto-1000t-fd-up)

                e0e MAC Address:    00:50:56:9e:ff:84 (auto-1000t-fd-up)

                e0f MAC Address:    00:50:56:9e:9a:f9 (auto-1000t-fd-up)

                Device Type:        Rev 1


Re: 8.2.1RC1 VSIM?

Cool. Last time I tried it didn't work and someone gave me a tgz from the vsim build tree. I will try the regular one again.

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Re: 8.2.1RC1 VSIM?

Times out and won't finish updating image2...enough space but won't complete after downloading the tgz package.  I will create a new 8.2 VSIM and add a lot more disk to aggr0 and see if that helps.

Re: 8.2.1RC1 VSIM?

Mine timed out on HD, so pushed the vsim over to an SSD and it completed before the watchdog killed the install.

Re: 8.2.1RC1 VSIM?

How big is your aggr0 (how many drives did you add from makedisk)? Or did you move vol0 to a new aggr with bigger VSIM drives?

Re: 8.2.1RC1 VSIM?

I have a 4x1gb aggr0 in raidDP, and I expanded vol0 to use ~2gb.

Re: 8.2.1RC1 VSIM?

It turns out booting into option 7 is a much faster way to do it.

The only issue there is the default ramdisk used for install is too small for the image.  So I bumped my vm ram to 2gb, then set this bootarg:

setenv bootarg.install.ramdisksize 1024m

From there did a boot into option 7 and the upgrade only took a few minutes.

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Re: 8.2.1RC1 VSIM?

very nice...rebooting now...cross your fingers.  I have fusion snapshots just in case though but hope this works.

Re: 8.2.1RC1 VSIM?

Worked!  Thank you Sean.  Upgraded from 8.2RC1 to 8.2.1RC1... since I make a lot of VSIM changes (adding disks, config, etc)., much nicer to use the upgrade tgz.

cmode-single::> system image show

                 Is      Is                                Install

Node     Image   Default Current Version                   Date

-------- ------- ------- ------- ------------------------- -------------------


         image1  false   false   8.2RC1                    -

         image2  true    true    8.2.1RC1                  12/17/2013 16:42:42

2 entries were displayed.

Re: 8.2.1RC1 VSIM?

Tried it on my 7-Mode 8.1.1 VSIM and it upgraded but won't reboot...close but doesn't get it there.  All good though since 99.999% of what we do is cDOT and for transition testing I can use 8.1.1 as the source still... or could try 8.2 as a base and see if it upgrades to 8.2.1RC1 but probably not worth the time.  Screen capture attached.

Re: 8.2.1RC1 VSIM?

Re: 8.2.1RC1 VSIM?

Can you please share the netapp  link for  8.2.1RC1 sim

Re: 8.2.1RC1 VSIM?

Not available yet but we found out we could upgrade the 8.2 VSIM to 8.2.1RC1 from the regular download with a few changes to the env for the boot device then option boot to update software (in the thread)

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