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8.2.x licenses in 7-mode bound to serial number


Tried to install second 7-mode 8.2.1 simulator to get snapmirror/snapvault configuration between them and after changing the serial number in the second I tried to apply licenses and got the error that these licenses do not match controller serial number.

Until 8.2.x the licenses where not bound to serial number and multiple 7-mode simulators were possible.

I can install a second simulator with the same serial number but I don't think snapmirror or snapvault will behave properly.

Any way to get a second set of licenses for a second serial number for 7-mode 8.2.1?


Re: 8.2.x licenses in 7-mode bound to serial number


When you change the serial number on the second node, be sure to change it to one of the serial numbers listed in one of the 8.2.x simulator license files.

Multiple simulators are absolutely possible, you just have to use serial numbers with published license key sets.  There are at least 9 sets available, more if you've been paying attention to the RCs.  You can use serials/keys from both the 7mode and Cmode list.  The feature keys are node-locked to a serial number.  They aren't really 7mode/Cmode specific, except for the cluster base key which doesn't apply to 7mode anyway.

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Re: 8.2.x licenses in 7-mode bound to serial number


Thanks for the hint of 9 sets. I figured it out that you can also apply esxi and workstation licenses that are in the license file and have 2 immediately.

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