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vfiler migrate: connection refused

Hi guys!


I've set up a test lab for a vfiler migration as I need to do one in a few weeks time, but not having much success. Everytime I run vfiler migrate start vfilertest@ontapsim-01 I'm getting a connection refused error.


The simulators have been set up with the following configuration: (everything is images as I can't ssh directly into my test environment, using vsphere client to access)























When I run the vfiler migrate start command:


Any idea what Undefines error: 0 means?


Ping is working between both filers, I have also set up a snapmirror relationship between them to verify connectivity. I have set it up so that identical ipspace and volumes exists on both filers. Is there anything else I need to do?





vfiler migrate: connection refused

By default, vfiler migrate uses rsh.  With your syntax, you need to run "options rsh.enable on" on each node then it will work... but even better.  "secureadmin setup ssl"  then "secureadmin enable ssl"... then on your vfiler migrate start command add the parameter "-c secure" and it will use ssl.

Also...make sure you create the volumes of the same name on the target but don't initiate the mirrors...vfiler migrate will initiate. 

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vfiler migrate: connection refused

Thanks Scott! That solved it!

vfiler migrate: connection refused

Great!  If you are going to the NetApp Insight Conference, we will be teaching advanced MultiStore which will cover vfiler migrate and other advanced features (DR, Data Motion, etc.).

Re: vfiler migrate: connection refused

Guys, i have do do real migration of vfiler, from your comments above, i will be using online or offline migration steps.

Do i need to create each volume on the destination system ( aggrigate) before conducting vfiler migrate cmd ? this is not very clear anywhere ? i would need to match the sizes as well ?

I am really getting stressed out over vfiler migration as i have over 25 volumes to migrate on one vfiler, nowhere in the process it says i need to create or will the process create the volumes ?

Please help

Re: vfiler migrate: connection refused

If you use the vfiler migrate from the ONTAP CLI, you must pre-create the volumes with identical names and sizes as the source. If you are using the Provisioning Manager interface to vfiler migrate, it will create the volumes for you.


Re: vfiler migrate: connection refused

Also if you use the CLI, then make sure to vol options volname fs_size_fixed off on each target volume after migrate complete... PM handles this as part of the automation.

I would create a test vFiler to migrate then have the process worked out for either method you use, CLI, PM offline, PM online.

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