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8.3.1 CM Simulator with OCSM 3.1.1


Hi All,


I think I'm missing something here. Installed the 8.3.1-CM simulator into vmware. OCSM 3.1.1 on my local system. Am able to SSH and ping the cluster.


When I try to add the Simulator into OCSM, using the IP, I get a message saying "This is not a filer management IP address. OnCommand System Manager does not allow managing individual vfilers."


Simulator details:

Cluster1::> network interface show

Vserver     Logical Interface          Status Admin/Oper     Network Address/Mask    Current Node     Current Port      Is Home

Cluster1    Cluster1-01_mgmt1      up/up                            Cluster1-01        e0c                  True

                cluster_mgmt              up/up                            Cluster1-01        e0a                  True


I have tried both x.15 and x.16.


I tried the "vserver services web modify * -enabled true" command with no success. Please, what am I missing? -Geoff.


Re: 8.3.1 CM Simulator with OCSM 3.1.1


System manager is onbox since 8.3. Just point your browser to the cluster management ip on .15. 


If that doesn't work make sure you can ping .15.


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