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8.3.1. simulator


Any idea when can we have simulator for 8.3.1



Until 8.3.1 gets posted just install with 8.3 and do an upgrade.



Ask for help, Do you know 8.3.1 ova format simulator required minimum memory Settings?

Since 8.3 is the most recent one all I would suggest is you follow the 8.3 specs and add a little more 'fat' to the simulator:


Hardware requirements

  • Dual core 64-bit Intel® architecture laptop or desktop
  • Simulate ONTAP 8.3 or higher:
    • Laptop: 5 GB RAM for one instance, 10 GB RAM for two instances.
    • VMware ESX: 8 GB RAM for one instance, 16 GB RAM for two instances.
  • Simulate ONTAP 8.2.x or lower: 2 GB RAM for one instance, 3 GB for two instances.
  • 40 GB free disk space per instance of simulator
  • Hosts running a 32-bit OS require VT support for Intel® based systems or AMD-V (SVM) for AMD® based systems. The feature must also be enabled in the BIOS if not enabled by default.
  • VT support for Intel® based systems


8.3 can be found here





Where can I find the base license and protocol licenses.... I do have the licenses for 8.3 but they are invalid. the 8.3.1 txt seem to have the same licesces as 8.3.... any help is appreciated


Thank You


They were both built using the same serials as the 8.3 OVAs: 4082368507 and 4082368511, and both are in the published 8.3.x key set.  Are you seeing something different?


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