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9.1 Cluster Setup looping


Have an issue running cluster setup on the 9.1 Simulator on Fusion.
Start the sim and do option 4 as required and the sim comes up as normal asking to confirm yes for ASUP enable.
Answer yes and then the prompt for node mgmt port comes up.
Type exit here to get to the ::> prompt to start cluster setup.
Type cluster setup and it goes back to the confirm yes for the ASUP enable prompt.
From here it just loops the same steps over and over.
I have tried with 8.3.2 and 9.0 simulators and they act as expected.
I have re-downloaded the 9.1 simulator which didn’t change the behavior of the steps.
Anyone else seen this or have an idea of what is happening?



For my setup i was looping and where not able to setup management network interface in ASUP setup eather. I found out that both ethernet interfaces where configured to the Cluster ipspace and no interface was available for the Default ipspace.


Solution was to modify interface (network port show, network port modify ...) 


Both?  There should be 4 nics in the VM. 


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yes all of them Smiley Sad


You're exiting the wizard too early.  You need to at least get through node setup:

Enabling AutoSupport can significantly speed problem determination and
resolution should a problem occur on your system.
For further information on AutoSupport, see:

Type yes to confirm and continue {yes}: yes

Enter the node management interface port [e0c]: 
Enter the node management interface IP address: 
Enter the node management interface netmask:
Enter the node management interface default gateway: 
A node management interface on port e0c with IP address has been created.

Use your web browser to complete cluster setup by accessing

Otherwise, press Enter to complete cluster setup using the command line

At this point you can either finish setup at the CLI, or use your node management IP to finish setup in the GUI.

If this post resolved your issue, help others by selecting ACCEPT AS SOLUTION or adding a KUDO.
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