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Cluster Setup ONTAP 9.2 Simulator

Hi guys,


ONTAP Simulator 9.2 is finally released. When setting up the simulator on my PC i got a problem. First of all I'll give you my system settings:


- ONTAP simulator for VMware Workstation

- VMware Workstation 12.5. Pro - latest patch

- Windows 10 Enterprise - latest feature release


I can import the OVA file that I downloaded from the NetApp support page. When starting the VM i pressed Enter for instant boot and Crtl C for Boot Menu. After that I pressed 4 for a new clean installation. I confirmed the question for zeroing the disks etc. And now - my problem:


The ONTAP simulator starts with an autosupport question - followed by the interface config for the node management port. Usually the simulator should start into cluster setup wizard - giving the opportunity for setting up the cluster and node name - cluster management adress etc pp.


When I start the cluster setup wizard from the command line I got the same problem.








Re: Cluster Setup ONTAP 9.2 Simulator

It goes into node setup first, so once you put in an IP for the node management interface you can choose to continue with cluster setup at the CLI, or you can connect to the node management IP in a browser and use the onbox system setup wizard.  


Before going into the system setup GUI though, you may need to assign the disks from the CLI:

run local disk assign all


Then you can walk through the setup in the GUI (pick single node cluster on the first screen).  At the end of the setup process you can continue on to either application provisioning or to the main system manager interface.


Alternatively you can just run cluster setup at the cli and keep doing it the way you've been doing it.  Aside from getting prompted for the node management IP up front the rest is the same.



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Re: Cluster Setup ONTAP 9.2 Simulator

Hello Sean,


thank your for your very useful reply. I have another question you might can answer as fast as my last one.


Is it possible to use SnapDrive/SnapManager with the simulator? I got connectivity issues in the simulator of ONTAP 9.0. I used the recommendend versions - checked in the NetApp matrix.





Re: Cluster Setup ONTAP 9.2 Simulator

Those products do work with the simulator.  

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