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9.2 on ESXi 6.0


I have having serious issues trying to get htis to run at all..Period.


ESXi 6..0.0


Booting up Simulator I get to Option 4 to format all disk etc...


I have now been waiting for over 10 min for this to long does this Netapp thing take to complete commands??

All it shows is "dots"....lost of they populate across the screen.


I wanted tp setup 2 others but not if it takes this long for ONE.


Why is this taking so long??....Ok.....FINALLY while writing this.....11:20 to finnaly get "System Init has Complete successfully"...over 11MIN?? Really?? is this Normall??



EDIT: Opps.....spoke to soon.....while creating this post, I have released my cursor from the Simulator. Now when I go back in to continue setup, keyboard input results in nothing happening. NO KEYBOARD INPUT> OMG what a diaster this is.


So i used the "Enter" key.....all of a sudden it scooted past the interface port....and I now am looking at "Enter the cluster management interface IP addy..." and therer is one entry for the many time I hit ENTER. Is this JOKE??


How the heck are you supposed to set this up??


 ESX has LOTS of Hard Drive Space...256GB Ram......32 proccessors......and Ontap will not run...hmmmmmm.




Think I may try 9.3...but if its anything like this...then Netapp is NOT the answer to our Current Storage needs.


I have an FAS 2600 series quoted to me...for a whole wack of cash......this Simulator is showing Netapp at its worst I hope??


If the physicall Box is anyhting like this...I want nothing to do with it.






The wall of dots you see is feedback during disk initialization.  The amount of time this takes varies depending on your virtualization environment and the latency in storage subsystem.  This step is performed in manufacturing on the physical storage systems, so when gear arrives it boots to the setup prompt, you assign it an ip address, then you finish setup from the web interface or let your partner/reseller take care of all that for you.    


But as far as the simulator goes, option 4 at the boot menu is going to take some time to zero out the disks.  The trouble with input after you click out/then back in to the hypervisor console is a different issue.  Try it this way:  Instead of picking option 4, type 44/4a at the boot menu.  The simulator disks are actually pre-zeroed so this bypasses the wall of dots.  Keep the focus on your vm console window until you complete the setup prompts, then switch over to ssh &/or the system manager web interface.  You should be up & running in just a few minutes.  



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The problem is....I use the "Ctrl C" to get to the menu...but even at this stage of the game, there is no output from the VM. I was sitting here waiting for the Menu to come up...but nothing....while I read your post. Finally, I one again had to click OUT from the vm then voila...the Menu was there........but the fact this does not auto update the screen as it goes through its paces is madenning.


Once I manage to hit option 4, after a few tries......then all of a sudden the VM is once again responding in real time....asking to reset config, and erase all data. Yes and yes to thoise questions.

Then I hit 'enter' and once again...nothing happens...unless I click OUT of the VM...then it shows me its doing something.


So I am now at 'wpie filer procedure requested'


Yup and there is is again....ifconfig: interface e0g does not exist. Seriously....?






Ok...I am getting further this time, but only by clicking out and then back into the VM.

Eg: Setting up Node IP.


In order to see this happen....

e0c is the interface

enter out of VM to confirm it is correct.

click back into vm..hit enter

click out....its now at the Mask

click back into it

enter mask

click out to see entry

click back in to VM to hit 'enter'


and on it goes.....everything I enter..I need to click OUT to see the input...then back in to get to next line...


Its now creating Cluster1


I will keep playing this game until I can get the Management IP enetered.


Ok....much more success this time around.


Once I managed to enter the Mangement IP settings ( using the ole click OUT and back in to VM scenario until management IP is set).....I am now able to use Putty.


Much better now.......Starting my 2nd Node setup....


great.  remember to change the serial number and sysid in the loader on the 2nd node.

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Ok..much better but still a bit confused.


aggr show:

aggr0 6.68GB avail: 1.62GB 76% used

aggr0_cluster1_02_1 3.34GB avail: 167.5MB 95% used


Then I do: vol show vol0

cluster1-01 vol0 aggr0 online size 5.03GB avail: 3.94GB

cluster1-02 vol0 aggr0_cluster1_02_0 online size: 3.16GB avail: 2.51GB




Am I missing something here?


OnCommand shows:

aggr0 1 Volume 4 disks

aggr0_cluster1_02_0 1 Volume 3 disks


Sorry but this is a little confusing....any insight appreciated.



For whatever reason, your first controller ended up with 4 disks in its root aggregate instead of the default 3.  The naming of the aggregates is following the interactive setup defaults.  Each node's root aggregate is named aggr0 before it joins the cluster, but when it joins, if there is another aggr0 in the cluster it gets renamed to make it unique (by appending the node name).  You can rename them once the cluster is up.


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Hi all;


One more question please regarding licensing;


So on my 2-node Cluster, I enter the relevant Keys.


Once completed, I am faced with "Medium Risk"


Summary shows cluster1-01 Licensed, cluster 1-02 X


Corrective action: To mitigate the risk, install node locked licenses on all the nodes.




So is there another Licesne I require??


Pointer in thew right direction perhaps.







Licenses are tied to the serial number of the node, so you just need to add the licenses for your second node.  You can get its serial number from the cluster cli:

node show -fields serialnumber

Then refer to the license sheet from the downloads page and add them in with license add commands at the cli, or from the license management page in System Manager.



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OMG...Sorry for my confusion...


I didn't scroll ALL the way down in the License file...where we see 2nd Noide Licenses.


All good.


Tks a bunch