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8.2.4 Simulator

We are currently running 8.2.4P4 7-Mode and would like to get a simulator VM up and running to do some redirected tape restore tests but I only see 8.2.3 and then 8.3.  Is there an 8.2.4 avaialble for download?


Re: 8.2.4 Simulator

No - the simulators are primarily for demonstration vs compatibility testing, and 8.2.4 was released after 8.3, which had significant advantages in managability for Clustered ONTAP.


But in many cases you can use standard ONTAP upgrade procedures to upgrade the simulator - after making a snapshot of the simulator, download the 8.2.4Px image and put it on a webserver, then run "software update <url>" on the simulator.


Hope this helps!

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Re: 8.2.4 Simulator

Thanks Alex.  Do you think it would be possilbe to restore files to the 8.2.3 image from a backup of our produciton 8.2.4?  Or does it have to be the same version?

Re: 8.2.4 Simulator

For a three-way NDMP restore from tape? Yes, that would probably work. Please post back to share your results!

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