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Diag user is not able to login into systemshell in one node in CDOT cluster 8.3.1


Hi everyone,


Recently i've had a problem with the diag user and systemshell in the cluster i've created in my environment.

My cluster consits of two nodes: Student-01 and Student-02, and I want to be able to access the systemshell in both of these nodes.


i've unlocked the user diag : security login unlock -username diag.

I've changed the password : security login password -username diag

I've entered the diagnostic mode : set -privilage diagnostic

And i've tried to connect to the systemshell on both of the nodes : systemshell -node Student-01


The problem is that i'm able to access the systemshell only in one node, in node Student-01. When I try to login into node Student-02 the output is:


" Login incorrect"


As if the credentials i've specified are not good.

The thing is that i can access the systemshell when i'm in the boot menu, so I don't think that the problem is with the systemshell.

And there's no problem with the RDBs, cluster ring show is showing a healthy result, both nodes are healthy as well.


Any ideas what could it be?





<previous reply removed at KB article is not public>

Hey Alex,

I've tried using ssh to connect to the simulator. I've used multiple interfaces as well. It didn't make a diffrence.


Have you tried when you are SSHed into the management IP of the node you wish to connect to? It may be a difference in the Simulator

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