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How do you boot a 9.7 sim in maintenance mode?


Successfully, so you can do something, not just to the prompt.


Re: 9.7 simulator

1) Boot up simulator
2) Press ctl+c (when it prompts) to bring up boot menu
3) From the options, there will be : maintenance mode boot.
Whatever that option number is, enter the 'number', press enter
*> you should see all the commands you can work with, type help <command> for more details

Re: 9.7 simulator

If it would work like this I would not ask.

Simply try your wonderful recipe and see what happens if you try to run a command.

It is easy.


Re: 9.7 simulator

I tried my wonderful recipe, and it works.  Good luck.

Re: 9.7 simulator

What worked?

Did you run any command?


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