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ADP in simulators

I tried to create a AFF like system using all 500GB SSD with the intent on understanding better the auto partitioning mechanism now in 8.3.  Unfortunately after tweaking all the setenv params I get a message something like "auto-partition is not availabe on this system, root aggr needs at least 3 disks".  


Does anyone know of a workaround to allow us to get familiar with this feature?  I can't imagine we'll have to have a real system to do this?  That is tough for folks that don't have access to real gear.


Re: ADP in simulators

The VHA simulated disks don't survive being partitioned.  Partitioning appears to break the disk labels.  Looks like a bug to me.


If you have LAB On Demand access, there is a lab with ADP on vSCSI simulated disks.  But the fake-ssd feature is broken in promoted builds (Maybe a bug, maybe an oversight) so no AFF/ADP simulation or even flash pools are possible there either at the moment.


Re: ADP in simulators

Can you please let me know which LOD ADP is available on?  That may satisfy for now.  It would be ideal to have this functionality available in the Sim too however.

Re: ADP in simulators

Try Basic Concepts for Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3. It's an HA pair with ADP.