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Add disks to 7.x simulator

Hi All,

I've seen the article on adding additional disks to the 8.x simulator but for a quick test lab I'd like to do the same for the 7.3.6 version of the Simulator, I've seen hints saying it's possible but no actual process for doing it - if someone can point me at the process for doing this I'd be grateful.

Thank you.



Re: Add disks to 7.x simulator

There is a script you run from the Linux host.

Re: Add disks to 7.x simulator

Script version 22 (18/Sep/2007)

Loading defaults. Run with -i option to ignore defaults

Please ensure the simulator is not running.

Your simulator has 28 disk(s). How many more would you like to add? [0]:

The script doesn't allow for anymore than 28 - I was hoping I could double it?

Ahh I see the makedisks script just points to - I take it that is a separate script? If so, where can I grab a copy?


Re: Add disks to 7.x simulator

I have added 20 but don't have an old sim to test right now... can you add 1 or 2 to see if that works?  There is also a way to change the disk count in the sh script (grep for it) and from what I remember the max was 56 allowed but you can change that file to 56 and should be able to add the 28 drives.  This doesn't apply to the 8.x VSIMs since they are a complete package ready for VMware and Miroslav had posts on here about how to add disks to both 7-mode and cluster-mode from the diag user.

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Re: Add disks to 7.x simulator

Thanks - After some messing around I found that the script has a maxdisks=28 entry. Changing this to 56 didn't work as the sim reported 'too many disks, you have more than 56 disks'. 55 worked though.

Odd but it worked so I can go ahead with my testing now. Thanks very much!

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