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C-Mode 8.1.1 Panic Can't find device with WWN 0x611852288


I've just installed the c-mode simulator into my Vshpere 5 environment I've not done any reconfiguring of the system yet.  On initial boot before I've even had a chance to start running the setup I get the following error message.


PANIC: Can't find device with WWN 0x611852288.  Remove '/sim/dev/,disks/,reservations' and restart.


Has anyone else encountered this error?


Thanks in-advance.





Yeah, I'm seeing it.. No resolution yet.

Was this after changing the SN and Sys ID at the VLOADER> prompt?  That's when I'm seeing it...



I have the same problem after changing settings at vloader


after you type boot

you get to the options of ctrl-c

click ctrl-c

boot into option # 4 - that should work


I have the same issue after changing the SYS ID & bootarg.nvram.sysid of 8.1.1 in Vmware Workstation. Even i tried all the possibilities but no progress....

has anyone found a resolution to this issue  ?

having the same problem  here too


Having the same issue here as well.


When you start, go to the boot menu and clear configurtation.( Ithink it is option 4)

After that you will be able to start.

Kind regards,


I am using 8.1.1 7mode. I still get panic (can't find device WWN) after I change Serial to other number.

I choose option 4 as you mention



after option 4, what I did is I go to the maintenance mode and assign all disk to the controller, and then go back to option 4 to let it automatically reconfigure, it will be working fine after the reboot.


Those steps work for me to change SN, but HA in 8.1.1-7mode still doesn't work.

Error message "Controller Failover is licensed but takeover of partner is disabled due to reason : Controller Failover not initialized"

  • Set up the simulator, e.g. at first startup, Ctrl+C into Boot Menu and choose option 4 to initialize, then go through setup to assign hostname, IP, etc.
  • "priv set advanced"
  • "useradmin diaguser unlock"
  • "useradmin diaguser password" and enter a new password
  • "systemshell" and login with username diag and the password you just created
  • "sudo rm /sim/dev/,disks/,reservations"
  • "exit"
  • "halt"
  • Reboot VM, Ctrl+C at first prompt so you get into the Loader
  • "set bootarg.nvram.sysid=1111111101" --> change number as needed
  • "set SYS_SERIAL_NUM=1111111101"  --> change number as needed
  • "boot"
  • Ctrl+C to get into Boot Menu
  • Choose maintenance mode
  • "disk assign all"
  • "halt"
  • --> Simulator will boot up fine with new serial


This also worked for Cluster Mode, just some of the commands changed a bit:

  1. Set up the simulator e.g. at first start up, Ctrl+C into Boot Menu and choose option 4 to initialize, then go through setup to join the cluster.
  2. set advanced
  3. security login unlock diag
  4. "security login password diag" and enter a new password (twice)
  5. systemshell -node <nodename of second node>
  6. sudo rm /sim/dev/,disks/,reservations
  7. system node shutdown -node <nodename of second node>
  8. reboot VM, press <space> at first prompt so you get into the Loader
  9. setenv bootagr.nvram.sysid=4034389062
  10. setenv SYS_SERIAL_NUM=4034389-06-2
  11. boot
  12. Ctrl+C to get to Boot Menu
  13. Respond 'y' to the "Override system id?" prompt.
  14. Choose maintenance mode
  15. disk assign all
  16. halt
  17. --> Simulator will boot up fine with new serial


Thanks Keith - This worked perfectly for me with my cDOT 8.2 sims.

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