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Can't Modify/Change Network Settings


I'm trying to learn cDOT so probably a noob question, but; I can't seem to modify or change the Network Settings on the 9.1 simulator.


I've tried redoing the "cluster setup" from the command line and I've tried to modify the settings from the GUI.


Despite typing different values into the cluster setup the old values remain.


When I'm in the GUI all options to edit or modify the interfaces are greyed out.


What am I doing wrong? - Note, this is my first node in the cluster in case that matters.


See Image - and TIA for helping a noob!GreyedOutOptions.PNG


Re: Can't Modify/Change Network Settings


Does "network interface modify" work from the command line? If not, potentially the simulator's vifdb rrdb is locked/hosed. If so, there are ways of recovering it, but it might be easier to re-install.

Re: Can't Modify/Change Network Settings


I haven't had much luck getting the simulator to run on ESXi 6.5. It's just a real pain. One issue after another...


Command line wasn't sticking either.

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