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Changing Serial/SystemID in ONTAP8 Sim?



Is there a (documented) way to get several simulators into Operations Manager? It seems that due to the fact that mny sims all have the same serialno/SystemID so OM seems to think they all the same machines. I am trying to get a Protection Manager Demo running and need at least two 8.0(.1) sims for that...


I have found that at bootup the Sim looks in /sim/dev/ for a file called ,serialno (just like the 7.x Sims), but I cannot access that file, as the systemshell demo user does not have right to create that file...


How to go about?





Re: Changing Serial/SystemID in ONTAP8 Sim?

You need to open the ,serial    file and change the number.

so power down, change that file and reboot.


Re: Changing Serial/SystemID in ONTAP8 Sim?

As stated above, I know how to do it in a 7.x Simulator, but I need the 8.0 Sim, in which I cannot access the files inside the VM.



Re: Changing Serial/SystemID in ONTAP8 Sim?


You need to take the following steps (see screenshots):

  1. Boot into SIMLOADER by pressing Ctrl-C
  2. Run command: “set SYS_SERIAL_NUM=xxxxxxx”
  3. Run command: “boot”
  4. Access “Boot Menu” by pressing Ctrl-C
  5. Choose “Maintenance mode boot”
  6. Reassign disk to new system

See attached screenshots.

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Re: Changing Serial/SystemID in ONTAP8 Sim?

Hi Kostantin,

Great write-up and explanation!

The one thing I'd add is that if you make that serial number change in the SIMLOADER before first setting up the simulator, then it won't be necessary to go through the maintenance mode process to reassign the disks. The initial setup will use the serial number that's defined at the time.

Lastly, we are planning to add functionality to automatically generate unique serial numbers for simulators in a future release of Data ONTAP.

Take care,


Re: Changing Serial/SystemID in ONTAP8 Sim?

Thanks, will try both suggestions tomorrow, when I'm back in the office, but I'm confident that it'll work. 😉

Will report back soonish...



Re: Changing Serial/SystemID in ONTAP8 Sim?

Hi folks,

Just a quick addendum: I've recently found out that there's another boot variable that takes precedent in setting the UID's. If you're looking to avoid UID conflicts, the best thing to do is set bootarg.nvram.sysid and SYS_SERIAL_NUM to the same value, and do this prior to first boot and initializing the disks. That prevents having to go through maintenance mode to reassign the disks. Other UID's may also be fixed and harder to change after the first complete boot.

Also, the system ID format is a 10-digit number. The last two digits of the number need to be unique within the C-Mode cluster for the disk UID's to be unique. So one way to manage the values is to use the first 8 digits to represent the cluster, and the last two digits to represent the node. For example: 1111111101, 1111111102, ..., 2222222201, 2222222202, etc.

To set the values, you'll need to enter:

SIMLOADER> set bootarg.nvram.sysid=1111111101



Take care and hope that helps,


Re: Changing Serial/SystemID in ONTAP8 Sim?

I tried this method on a fresh install of the sim, I drop to SIMLOADER and enter in the "set" commands listed, boot, hit ctrl-C to enter the boot menu, and select "4" to initialize the disks and wipe config. Then the VM dumps core and reboots without doing the config wipe / disk init.

I unzipped a completely fresh copy of the guest, so I really doubt its vm corruption. If I unzip the guest and DON'T do the simloader commands it works and initializes just fine.

Any suggestions?

Re: Changing Serial/SystemID in ONTAP8 Sim?


Are you using one of the original 8.0.0 simulators? That method may not work on the older vsims. If this is happening with the DOT 8.0.1 vsim, then the only thing that comes to mind is to make sure that the above steps are performed as the first thing after the simulator is extracted from the zip file and powered on.

Take care and hope that helps,


p.s., I recently left NetApp and don't have access to the vsims right now to verify that the sysid fix panics the DOT 8.0.0 sim.

Changing Serial/SystemID in ONTAP8 Sim?


I'm using the ONTAP simulator 8.0.1 and trying to change the System ID & Serial Number on my 2nd simulator to distinguish it for Systems Manager to identify. 

When I launch the simulator and get to the Boot Menu, I get the following choices:

1. Normal boot

2. Boot without /etc/rc

3. Change password

4. Clean configuration and initialize all disks

5. Maintenance mode boot

6. Update flash from backup config

7. Install new software first

8. Reboot node

Question:   How do I get the "SIMLOADER>"  (simloader command prompt) with the above choices?

I've tried using the #5 option, but it doesn't recognixe the "set" command.    I have not already configured & initialized with option #4.



Chris Specht | Denver, CO

Re: Changing Serial/SystemID in ONTAP8 Sim?


do a CTRL-C immediately on the first prompt when it show's the seconds counting.....

Re: Changing Serial/SystemID in ONTAP8 Sim?

I did exactly as you described

but with 7Mode SIM it changes only the System Serial but not the System II

Any ideas?


Re: Changing Serial/SystemID in ONTAP8 Sim?


The procedure worked fine for me.

I downloaded vSIM 8.1, installed it on ESX4i, at first boot stopped in SIMLOADER and changed both SYS_SERIAL_NUM and bootarg.nvram.sysid (just one number down from original). I then continued with SIMLOADER> boot and stopped in special boot menu, selecting option 4 for a fresh install.

Now I've got two vSIM 8.1 in OnCommand/DFM with unique SN and sysid .

regards Erik

Re: Changing Serial/SystemID in ONTAP8 Sim?

Yes, seems that happens in some DOT8.x simulator versions. In that case follow these steps to change the serial number (you'll need a fresh simulator to do this, can't use one that already ended up in the panic situation).

  • Set up the simulator, e.g. at first startup, Ctrl+C into Boot Menu and choose option 4 to initialize, then go through setup to assign hostname, IP, etc.
  • "priv set advanced"
  • "useradmin diaguser unlock"
  • "useradmin diaguser password" and enter a new password
  • "systemshell" and login with username diag and the password you just created
  • "sudo rm /sim/dev/,disks/,reservations"
  • "exit"
  • "halt"
  • Reboot VM, Ctrl+C at first prompt so you get into the Loader
  • "set bootarg.nvram.sysid=1111111101" --> change number as needed
  • "set SYS_SERIAL_NUM=1111111101"  --> change number as needed
  • "boot"
  • Ctrl+C to get into Boot Menu
  • Choose maintenance mode
  • "disk assign all"
  • "halt"
  • --> Simulator will boot up fine with new serial

Hope that helps


Re: Changing Serial/SystemID in ONTAP8 Sim?


good part for the reservations!

It is not in the manual for 8.1.1 Simulator.

I'm also using "setenv" in stead of "set".

Try to write down the "printenv SYS_SERIAL_NUM" output before you change it.

In case of panic you can always go back.

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