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Clustered ONTAP sim and vol0 going full


I've been using an 8.1.1 2-node VSIM for several months. Every few weeks I am faced with vol0 filling up. I've shutdown snapshots on vol0, disabled autosupport and when it happens I go into /mroot/etc/log and delete rotated log files and /autosupport files. I'll note that the ASUP files keep getting generated even though I've disabled asup.

Has anyone else encountered this and come up with a better strategy to deal with the issue?

lab-stor::> autosupport show
Node                  State     From          To            Mail Hosts
--------------------- --------- ------------- ------------- ----------

lab-stor-01           disable   Postmaster    -             mailhost
lab-stor-02           disable   Postmaster    -             mailhost
2 entries were displayed.

lab-stor::> volume show vol0
  (volume show)
Vserver   Volume       Aggregate    State      Type       Size  Available Used%
--------- ------------ ------------ ---------- ---- ---------- ---------- -----
          vol0         aggr0_n01    online     RW        900MB    74.09MB   91%
          vol0         aggr0_n02    online     RW        900MB    209.0MB   76%
2 entries were displayed.


Th cluster management and node management IP addresses are for management only. Only data lifs belonging to the SVM can be used for data access, and they can only access data on that SVM.




      I have a cluster mode configuration with 2 nodes



1). In which vs1 is SVM name and Ip(42) is the main ip of the SMV for node1 and IP(201) is for node2


Interface Name                    IP                                 Current Port 


vs1_cifs_lif1                         42                                Cluster1- 01:e0c

vs1_cifs_lif2                         201                              Cluster1- 02:e0c



2)  I  have created 2 aggregates, Agg1 connected with node1(cluster1- 01 )and Agg2 connected with node2 (cluster1- 02)


Aggregate Name                 Node         

Agg1                                  Cluster1- 01

Agg2                                  Cluster1- 02



3) In which  created 2 Volumes and connected with different aggregates


Volume Name                     Aggregate       


vol1_node1                        Agg1

vol2_node2                        Agg2


4) In which created 2 share folders with different path according to nodes


Share Name                       Path              


Share1_node1                   /vol1_node1

Share1_node2                   /vol2_node2




Is it possible when open the share folder with svm IP(42) then open both folders (Share1_node1 and Share2_node2) but when open share folder with IP(201) then open only on share folder (Share2_node2)


Please tell me the concept of cluster mode,how it works and exact working of share folder.


Iam also facing the same problem if u find any solution please revert me.


Hi shatfield,

                     Thanks for your reply,this info help alot.







     I have configured the cluster mode (ip-43) with 2 nodes (IP-44 & 45) successfully. i have provided one IP(50) for SVM and  network interface IP is 51. I have successfully opened the share folder with IP-50 & 51 but when i try to open the share folder with cluster IP(43) or 2 nodes IPs (44 and 45) then it can not be opened. All IPs ping properly.


Please tell me the concept of open share folder.





I have the same problem.


If you login as diag and check out the /mroot directory you will find that there are three areas where alot of capacity is concentrated. With "du -sk *" you can search for these areas. This involves the autosupport , mlog and stats directory. Removing older files here will free up space dramatically. 🙂



From my experience with ontap 7 and 8 the vol0 size requirement is increasing so just increase the vol0 size.


Yes, I've increased my vol0 and aggr0. I think I've got quadruple the space now (4 data disks in aggr0 instead of the deafult of 1). But I suspect I've just pushed out the time when vol0 will fill up again with log files. On a normal system that runs 24x7 I presume log file rotation logic kicks in (midnight?) and keeps things trimmed. On a laptop based simulator environment the laptop is probably in my bag at midnight. That's why I'm looking for ways to deal with the issue.

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