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Configuring ontap cluster 8.3.2 in workstation 12 - windows


Hi folks,


I have VMWare workstation 12 pro running on windows 10.


I have folowed the guide on how to install and configure a two node cluster of OT 8.3.2.


My query relates to the network config.


I configure e0c as - the cluster mgmt interface as in the guide.


Once  both nodes are up and running I thenwant to access the cluster using OnCOmmand. The problem is I cannot ping / ssh / http to the cluster interrface from my windows PC.


Why is this ? I am using the default VMWare workstation network config with VMNet0, 1 and 8. I have the virtual network interferfaces on the cluster nodes as default.


How am I suposed to kno which interface uses which virtual NIC ? My PC is configured with an IP of /24 with a gateway of


Do I need to use a bridges interface instead and if so, which virtual NIC do I configure to do that.



Driving me nuts so hopefuly somebody can help !



The first two nics connect to the VMNet1 (Host Only) network.  These are used for the cluster network.  The rest of them connect to the VMnet8 (NAT) network.  Check the subnet VMware generated for VMnet8 (NAT) in your virtual network editor.  If its not then you will not be able to ping the vsim using the IPs you have assigned.  VMware generates the subnet randomly at install time, but you can customize it if needed in the virtual network editor.  

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