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8.2.1 Simulator No Longer Available


The 8.x simulators no longer have download links for 8.2 versions, which are capable of simulating both 7Mode and CDOT.  There are 7.x links, but they require setting up an Ubuntu O/S first which i'd like to avoid. Is there a download link for an OVA or Workstation version of an 8.x simulator that can simulate 7 Mode?



8.1 and 8.0 are both missing as well.


We have a large install base with version limitations.  The ability to test legacy versions is important to my customers and partners.



Some of the 8.2.x simulators are back.  I see links for 8.2.2P1 and 8.2.3 in both 7 and C on the download page again.


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