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8.2P6 7-Mode simulator

Hey everyone, I am looking for an .ova download for ONTAP 8.2P6 7-Mode simulator.  Does anyone know if it is still possible to get hold of this as the NetApp downloads page now only has 8.3 and up? Cheers, Lewis

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Come on NetApp Sim team. These are need for test purposes and transition planning. Since they are still supported they should be available. Please put the links back.

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Re: 8.2P6 7-Mode simulator

Agree, we have the same problem. migrating to cDOt and need these for testing.

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Those old versions are tgz archives.  Once extracted you can convert them to ova files with ovftool:


ovftool --allowAllExtraConfig --extraConfig:monitor_control.pseudo_perfctr=TRUE --extraConfig:timeTracker.forceMonotonicTTAT=TRUE --extraConfig:monitor_control.disable_tsc_offsetting=TRUE --extraConfig:monitor_control.disable_rdtscopt_bt=TRUE <path to>\DataONTAP.vmx DataONTAP.ova


8.3+ doesn't need all the extraConfig but older versions may panic without it.


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Re: 8.2P6 7-Mode simulator

Thank you very much for that info!



Re: 8.2P6 7-Mode simulator



I may be late to the party but we did see this request & let the PM know people were looking for older versions and she had them added.  Feel free to reach out when stuff like this happens -- either to me as a private message (which will ensure I see it) or continue to post in the Developer Network.  We are a small community team but will always do our best to help.


Simulate ONTAP 8.2.2 has been added to Toolchest


Thanks so much!
Terri Peluso
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Re: 8.2P6 7-Mode simulator

Thanks thats just what we needed.


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