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Confused on the Simulator


The page where  you go to download the simulator says

Data ONTAP Simulator Requirements

  • Linux installed, running, and networked (Tested on Red Hat Linux 7.1 through 9.0, SUSE 8.1 and 8.2)

When I click the page it says:

Simulate ONTAP 8 requirements

Software requirements  

  • For a Windows system 
    • Microsoft Windows® XP, Windows 7, or Windows Vista

Does this run on Linux or Windows?

I am new to Ontap so what am I missing here?   I am reading up on SRM so I am trying to get Ontap running so I can get used to the interface as I am new to Netapp.



Hi, And welcome to NetApp world !

To run a simulator in 7.xx version of DOT, you must have an Linux OS to install it

To run a simulator in 8.xx version of DOT, it's little more simple, you just need a VMware, and the Simulator provided is a VM.


I have ESXi 5 running on a host.   Can I use that?


no issues here on vsphere 4 or 5. have run multiples for long periods of time.


FYI on the SIM running on vSphere... it kept crashing on me due to running out space (even though I never allocated all space), other have experienced the same issue. On Workstation/Fusion, I have experienced 0 crashes, probably the only way to run it and it be stable. But YMMV.

BTW, here's a great way to maximize the SIM so you can do more with it in the lab:

Good luck.



yes, the simulator is now an appliance that you can import.


Sure, You can use the 8.xx simulator, read the doc near the file to download to check the configuration

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