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Confused on the Simulator

The page where  you go to download the simulator says

Data ONTAP Simulator Requirements

  • Linux installed, running, and networked (Tested on Red Hat Linux 7.1 through 9.0, SUSE 8.1 and 8.2)

When I click the page it says:

Simulate ONTAP 8 requirements

Software requirements  

  • For a Windows system 
    • Microsoft Windows® XP, Windows 7, or Windows Vista

Does this run on Linux or Windows?

I am new to Ontap so what am I missing here?   I am reading up on SRM so I am trying to get Ontap running so I can get used to the interface as I am new to Netapp.


Re: Confused on the Simulator

Hi, And welcome to NetApp world !

To run a simulator in 7.xx version of DOT, you must have an Linux OS to install it

To run a simulator in 8.xx version of DOT, it's little more simple, you just need a VMware, and the Simulator provided is a VM.

Re: Confused on the Simulator

I have ESXi 5 running on a host.   Can I use that?

Re: Confused on the Simulator

Sure, You can use the 8.xx simulator, read the doc near the file to download to check the configuration

Re: Confused on the Simulator

yes, the simulator is now an appliance that you can import.

Re: Confused on the Simulator

FYI on the SIM running on vSphere... it kept crashing on me due to running out space (even though I never allocated all space), other have experienced the same issue. On Workstation/Fusion, I have experienced 0 crashes, probably the only way to run it and it be stable. But YMMV.

BTW, here's a great way to maximize the SIM so you can do more with it in the lab:

Good luck.


Re: Confused on the Simulator

no issues here on vsphere 4 or 5. have run multiples for long periods of time.

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