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Connectivity issues

 Hello to all the community members out there.


I have a question from a Rokie, hope someone here can give me some answers. Just created a 2TB Volume , on a current aggregate, the volume is there, it can be seen. Unfortunately, the Windows server is not able see the Volume on the storage or the see the storage. Not sure if there is something we are missing or haven't done right.


Are there any steps or process to enable the server to see the storage and the volumes?  Thanks for all your patience and assistance.



Re: Connectivity issues

There are a number of steps to be completed between creating a volume on an aggreagate and having a host be able to see it and use it.

Have you created an svm? What protocols are set? What protocols do you intend to use? What is your network topology? There are a lot of guides to be found on the internet to get a basic configuration up and running.

Re: Connectivity issues

Thanks a millon for the input, problem resolved