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Data ONTAP Edge instead?

Now that Data ONTAP Edge is released, can we just use that instead of the simulator?


Re: Data ONTAP Edge instead?

Technically I think you can run it as a Sim but the required for the hardware might be high-end. Check the

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Re: Data ONTAP Edge instead?

Hi Jandrewartha,

You could probably use Edge if you wanted to test some basic functionality and become more familiar with the command set.  However, the simulator does try to mimic actual hardware as much as possible and as such gives a slightly different experience.  For instance you can create a multi-node C-mode cluster using the simulator.  You cannot do that with Edge.

Good Luck!

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Re: Data ONTAP Edge instead?

I think the biggest trade-off other than a limited feature set is the fact that Edge is a paid product, whereas simulator is free to use. Edge requires a Snapvault Secondary, otherwise it shuts itself down after 72 hours, according to my SE.

Also there is no Snapmirror at this time with Edge. It's a source only product, so you could use it to replicate to a filer, but could replicate back. Ie, one-way replication.

Re: Data ONTAP Edge instead?

I have evaluation keys from the VMworld promotion, although I don't know how long they're good for. Lack of SnapMirror is a big missing feature.

Re: Data ONTAP Edge instead?

Check out Stewart Vaughn's blog.  It contains lots of good information and links

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