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Simulate ONTAP 8.1 for VMware ESX 5




has anybody been able to install "Simulate ONTAP 8.1 Cluster mode for VMware ESX" on an ESX server?

thers is no .vmx file after extracting the files downloaded from C-mode , hence i have not been able to register my Sims.

files and folders in the extracted file attached.




I have both 8.1 and 8.1.1 Cluster-mode Sims running on ESX 5 without any issues.  It looks almost like the download file is corrupted.  Below is the image of my file list for 8.1 from browsing the ESX datastore.  I would try to re-download the file.


Thanks ljuhnke,

I did download the file a couple of time and no .VMX file from all my downloads.


In our case we originally had a problem too with the 7-mode. The files in the downloaded .zip seemed to be made for VMware Workstation. Different files are used in the case of VMware vCenter. To load to a ESX host via vCenter, we had to use a VMware converter.


Thanks Silvatall, not to waste quality time, i have to use a different version.

would be good if NetApp can verify that all files are complete before uploading to download site.


I used the regular install guide (and my guide) with success. It is not plug-and-play...


Tardie, did you read the post at all?

I don't have any problems with install nor config.

the files are not complete, the VM setting file which is the .vmx is missing.

would be good if there is a log file to enable a re-build the .vmx file but it's a new install.


I did in fact read the post at all...

But just to be sure, I did in fact download the files (again), and I did in fact check them and found the contents to be just fine...

I was just trying to help by ruling out the files, I apologize if that was not helpful to you.

Good Luck,


Make sure you download the esx version for esx. The other version is for VMware Player, Workstation, and Fusion.

Try using 7-zip to extract files, which I suggested in my step-by-step doc.

Use the instructions on the support site where you downloaded the files for instructions on setting up esx networking.


Were you ever able to resolve your installation issue?

I struggled with the same issue for hours.  I was confused because the .tar file was 8 GB but only 2 x 1 GB files were extracted.  I was using izarc which I have used for years.  I decided to give 7-zip a shot and manually extract everything.  It turns out all of the files are visible when using 7-zip.  This would probably be the same for other compression utilities.

One note:  After powering on, I did not have a root volume.  I just did a new install using the boot utilities menu.

Good luck!