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Data ONTAP Simulator - testing DOT upgrades


I'm just curious if the DOT Simulator can be used for performing a test upgrade of the DOT software version?  I haven't been able to find any information about this and am still in the process of getting our simulators set up and was just wondering if anyone else had any prior experience with this.



Re: Data ONTAP Simulator - testing DOT upgrades


Can you run an upgrade in the sim?  Yes, if you can get an appropriate image.tgz file.  The regular q_image.tgz works on 8.2RC1 and later, but the v_image.tgz is a better fit if you have an edge entitlement. 

Is there a lot of value in it from a training perspective? Not so much.  Since the vsims are non-ha, running an NDU scenario isn't possible.  All the associated steps, firmware upgrades, bios updates, SP updates, etc don't apply to a sim.  A single node 7mode upgrade is 3 commands, and only slightly more interesting in Cmode. 

Its still useful form a testing perspective.  You could apply a specific version to replicate an issue, or to test a version specific feature or fix. 

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