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Simulator Discussions

How do I assign the right IP address & default gateway?


Thanks for the correct answer to my earlier problem!  Now I've got my ONTAP 8.1 7-mode sim working nicely in VMware Fusion on Mac OS X 10.7.5.


In Mac OS, I can see a private virtual network on Link#8 with addresses in the 192.168.199/24 range.  I assigned the sim's e0a to, with no conflicts.  None of the 3 other vNICs have an IP address.  All the sim's vNICs are configured private to host. I also have a Win7 VM running on the same VLAN, but with NAT. 


The default gateway on the Win7 VM appears to be  I assigned that to the ONTAP sim also, but I can't ping the gateway, or the Mac host, or the Win7 VM from the sim.  What must I do to establish connectivity?



-- Bob Smith

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