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How to add SSD's of bigger size to vSIM.


I launched a hands-on lab and ran a "storage disk show".  I noticed all disks were 28.44 GB SSDs.  I can't see disks of that size if I run "vsim_makedisks -h". Also the disks prefix name is "VMw-". How would I go about simulating those disks? Any step by step guide avail?  


PS: I am using vSIM for ONTAP 9.8



Not seeing the disk size is because the disks are partitioned as mentioned in the screen shot. Run the command "storage aggregate show-spare-disks" and look at the physical size. If it is the online lab I do not believe you will be able to add disks.


The simulators in the hands-on labs use virtual scsi disks (each disk is a separate vmdk), but the ones in the downloadable simulators for fusion/workstation use simulated fc/vha disks (each disk is a file on a single shared vmdk).  It's not possible to run the vscsi disk subsystem on workstation or fusion, for technical reasons I've never been able to get to the bottom of.  scsi inquiry errors, missing vpd data, deep deep weeds where driver meets hypervisor.  

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