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How to change cluster serial number?




I installed two ONTAP 9.5P6 simulator nodes and changed the SN  ofone node following the installation guide. I configured two single node clusters based on these two nodes. Then I found the cluster SN of both clusters is 1-80-000011. 

Is it possible to change the cluster SN? Then I can have two cluster with two different SN. 






Yes, absolutely!


You must keep both SysID & Serial number separate, otherwise Licenses will only show for one node and for other it will appear 'unknown-owner'.

Before running these steps, make a note of sysid & serial number:


One your first cluster simulator:
::>system node show -fields sysid,serialnumber

Make note of the pattern in which they are listed. [Hope you have already added the based cluster license provided by licenses.txt file]

sysid will be like = xxxxxxxxx
serial number wil be like = xxxxx-xx-x


Keep it same, whichever pattern they are.



1) Start the 2nd Simulator
2) The moment you see it started, press any key, don't wait for the message that says press CTL+C, we don't need it now.
3) It will bring you to the VLOADER or something.
4) Run following commands:
Run command: set boortarg.nvram.sysid=xxxxxxx
Run command: set SYS_SERIAL_NUM=xxxxx-xx-x
Run command: boot
5) once again simulator boots, this time wait for the ctl+c message and press it immediately.
6) Select the option to erase & wipe, I think (4) whatever it is.
7) once wipe is done, it will bring you back to cluster join or create option, choose join.

Once joined, re-run this command again to ensure the two sysid & serila number are separate.


sysid & serial number is already given in the license.txt file for '2nd node' which applies to both non-esx and esx version. Make sure you put that same in there.


serialnumber is given in the license.txt file, use the same for sysid and for serialnumber for 2nd simulator.

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