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ontap sim on hyper-v


hello everybody

How can i  install ontap 9.4 simulator on hype-v?





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Nope. Unfortunately, most probably, it is not going to work

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I finally managed to run ONTAP 9.6 sim pretty well the way someone may find inappropriate, but anyway it works, and ONTAP runs pretty smooth.

The key thing with Hyper-V is that ONTAP simulator doesn't include drivers for Hyper-V emulated network adapter, but requires e1000 as described in OVF.

What I did was:

1) On my Hyper-V host I created a Gen2  (this is fairly relevant, and Gen1 might work as well) VM running Debian 9.9.

2) On the Hyper-V host executed a powershell command

Set-VMProcessor -vmname KVM -ExposeVirtualizationExtensions $true

where KVM is the VM name as listed by `get-vm` commandlet.

This allows VMX CPU extensions to be exposed to the guest.

3) Install QEMU/KVM inside the guest

4) unzip Workstation OVA for ONTAP simulator

5) convert vmdk -> qcow via qemu-img  (done on Debian Guest).

6) create VM using virt-manager. This can be also done by importing dupmed XML of an example VM.

7) allowed nested guests in KVM.

Following all these, I succeeded to run 2 instances of ONTAP sim (2 clusters with cluster interconnect). Also Windows and Debian VMs run fine on that KVM hypervisor which itself is actually a guest inside Hyper-V.

Virtualization overhead is almost not noticeable. At least as compared by Linux CLI-based 7-zip benchmark that was executed in first-level guest (VM that runs directly in Hyper-V) and nested guest (debian VM in KVM, while that KVM is a guest in Hyper-V) thanks to VMX extensions exposed all the way through.


KVM configuration and ONTAP xml of the KVM guest (domain) can be found in this thread:


Hope this helps Smiley Wink

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