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Initial setup of Simulator on 8.3.2 with VM Workstation - Network config issue



Hi Everyone, 


I have downloaded the 8.3.2 simulator and also have VMware Workstation 11.1.4 installed. 


I did open the OVF and start the Appliance aswell as press option 4 to erase disks then setup networking with IP, SN and DG however could not get to that address on browser.


My laptop only has the WIFI Connected to internet and no Ethernet connected to the laptop. In addition to this my Laptop IP Range on WIFI is 192.168.0.x/24 with GW of The below are the settings in the VNE on laptop. 


There are as im sure you are aware, 4 NICS on the appliance. Can anyone advise how the networking needs to be configured? So do any settings need to be changed on the VNE screen shot below? 


Also what settings need to be set for the VNics in Appliance?


Any help will be much appreciated. 














The first two nics are cluster network links by default.  So these would typically be connected to the host-only network.  The next two nics are for management and data access.  Usually these would connect to the the NAT network, and you would assign them IPs within the subnet assigned to the NAT network in VMware Workstation.  The gateway is typically on .2 of that subnet. 


Alternatively, you could assign one or more of those nics to the bridged network and assign valid IPs on the physical network you are connected to.   You can also add additional nics if you need something more complex.

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