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Is there trouble shooting NFS mount problem?


I am trying to connect ONTAP Simulator via NFS. but it failed.

In summary, 

  • NFS :Client <= Server  (NFS from Client to Server seems not accessible.)
  • ONTAP:Client<=>Server (CLUSTER/NODE seems to work)




  Node IP





Current Status is follows


1)From Server (it seems NFS works from ONTAP simulator view)


  • policy seems to work.
    • vserver export-policy check-access -vserver svm0 -client-ip -volume svm0_root -authentication-method sys -access-type read-write -protocol nfs3
  • network reachable to client.
    • network ping


2)From Client (It cannot reaches NFS server but other IP address (CLUSTER/NODE) is reachable)


  • network reachable to CLUSTER/NODE but not available to NFS. Also showmount does not work.
    • ping/traceroute/showmount



$ traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets

 1 (  1.286 ms  1.452 ms  1.563 ms

$ traceroute traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets

 1  testserver (  3074.575 ms !H  3074.492 ms !H  3074.471 ms !H



Re: Is there trouble shooting NFS mount problem?


Please note - showmount functionality is disabled by default. It can be enabled with the following command:

cluster ::> nfs server modify -vserver <vserver> -showmount <enabled/disabled>


Also, I am guessing you are new to NetApp ONTAP concepts, therefore I suggest take a look around on google, directly on netapp kb/supprot site or numerous blogs, there is lots of useful & simple information around 'How NetApp/ONTAPP' works, and how data is presented to external clients. Once the concepts are clear, rest will be easy to troubleshoot.


For NFS client to mount, it must be presented with vserver Data LIF, that's the only way you can read/write to NetApp data SVM from remote clients.  [Note: SVM root vol is only used as junction-path for SVM to traverse across mount-points,. In short, SVM root volume is the entry point to the namespace hierarchy].


In your command, I see svm root vol, you should not store user data in the root volume of an SVM.

Questions to ask:
1) Have you created 'data volume' in your SVM?
2) Have you created 'data LIF' in your SVM?
3) Is NFS 'data LIF' routable to Clinet (NFS- <-->Client-


There are multile nfs docs(TR) on basic concepts around NetApp & NFS, just pick any of them.

Re: Is there trouble shooting NFS mount problem?


Thanks for your help.


Finally I was solved by changing NFS netmask setting  on ONTAP system Manager.

I change from to 24.


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