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Larger Disks


I'm wondering how to make the simulator disks larger.

I have multiple things I would like to try out but can't currently because of the incredibly small disk space.




Re: Larger Disks

The sims max out at 56 x 9gb disks. If you go through the effort to maximize disk space you can get ~400gb yield, its just rediculously slow.  Best case sustained throughput is in the mid teens (GB/s), but running with defaults will be more along the lines of low single digits.  The simdisk driver is terribly inneficient.

If you need more performance and or capacity the Edge eval may be better suited if it supports the features you are trying to use.

Re: Larger Disks

The document at provides the steps to add larger disks.  I have not tried it with 8.2, but it should be the same.

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