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NetApp Synergy - Denying End Users essential tools



We have been for many "long" years, a trusted customer and consumer of NetApp Products and one thing that has ALWAYS lacked in terms of support and tools is a good sizing tool.

I have known for a longtime the existence of NetApp Synergy which has within it's tool set an extremely useful sizing tool for Aggr/RG/Vol etc.

I have never understood why NetApp has restricted access to this tool, even though it's publicly available for download.

This tool or a cut down version has been called for for a long time by users of these communities and across the public domain.

Our Millions spent on NetApp kit and services, aught to be recognized through making available this tool so we can size our filers efficiently and effectively. I realize that perhaps NetApp may not wish to for their tool to be available to competitors, but most of their competitors make these types of tools available to end users.

My question after my rant is, when are NetApp going to do this - Give us the tool so we can size correctly and more specifically, manage, maintain and protect the investment in our systems.





I'm not sure if NetApps database sizing tool is part of the whole NetApp Synergy thing or not, but I was looking for the database sizing tool mentioned in TR3779, and what do you know, it's only available to partners.  I emailed our NetApp rep about the sizing tool and hopefully i'll hear something back thats positive.


As the Product Manager for NetApp Synergy, I wanted to let you know I read your blog and took great interest in it.  Many of us would agree that we should have a bigger scope for the audience.  It is simply going to take a long time to get there.  We are working full speed on a number of initiatives.  The two big ones are C-Mode support and the second is Collaboration.  Collaboration brings with it a bunch of requisites that 'could' potentially allow us to re-examine our scope.



We are now two and a half years later and I am curious about the progress in the path you mention above.

To me it seems that nothing has changed and NetApp customers still don't have access to the tools they would like to, such as Synergy.

Can we expect any changes within a short amount of time ?


I'm sorry to report that nothing has changed.  The status is still the same.  NetApp Synergy is not available for customers.


What about Partners?  I work for a NetApp Partner and yet I cannot use this tool either.


I didn't see an answer to your question about whether Synergy is available to partners, so...yes, see, and there's more info on the Field Portal too at


What a disappointment.  IT is now 4 years in from your origianl statement and still nothing has changed for the customer.


Well I just got an announcement of 6.3.1 GA (as a acustomer) but every link is unauthorised..... (Except the survey - perhaps we could rate it on the communications experience?)




Announcing NetApp Synergy v6.3.1 General Availability (GA)

Try out the new version of Synergy today!

Features and enhancements include:

  • Support for aggregates containing mix of partitioned and non-partitioned drives (or mixed drive capacities)
  • Max shelf/drive increases for single chassis AFF8040A, AFF8060A, and AFF8080A configurations
  • Support for 1.6TB NSE SSD on DS2246 and FAS2552 (X365A-R6)
  • Support for 1.6TB NSE SSD on DS4246, FAS2554, and FAS2520 (X366A-R6)
  • Report generation performance improvements
  • AutoSupport import improvements


Contact the NetApp Synergy Product Manager

We want NetApp Synergy to be your system design tool of choice. Let us know how we can make it better. As Product Manager for NetApp Synergy, I look forward to hearing from you on how we can make your job easier.  Email Wayne Mueller, Synergy Product Manager.


Contact the NetApp Synergy Field Advisory Board (FAB) Lead

The Synergy FAB is looking for ways to make sure the field’s needs are being heard by the tool teams.  Leverage the FAB to ensure that critical functionality and features are delivered in Synergy.  Email Joshua Lee.


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