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Netapp Simulator 8.3.2RC1 and ADP




Is there a way to configure Advanced Disk Partioning in the latest simulator 8.3.2RC1 C-Mode, for practising ADP and also AFF deployments ?


I've removed all disks that come configured in the default install and created a few shelves of 500MB SSD's, however upon initialization (whether assigning the disks to the node or leaving them unassigned) the system won't create disk partitions. A message pops up at the initialization stage that 4 internal disks could not be found, advanced disk paritions will not be used.



The virtual host adapters and the connected vha disks in the simulator appear as external FC attached DS14 shelves to ONTAP.   They don't pass the internal disk check.  Even if you could get them partitioned it would likely panic the simulator.  There are labs with ADP in LabOnDemand, but they are only accessible to partners.  That would let you practice managing partition ownership, but you wouldn't have the console level access to do an init.





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Thanks for your reply Sean, yeah we have access to LOD, however was looking for a bit more access. What about for initializing an AFF ?


Even in the LOD environment the disks do not present as SSD, so it wouldn't give you the AFF initialization simulation I think you are looking for.  I've tried making a regular vsim with all SSDs, but it doesn't come up as flash optimized either.  But thats definately going on my list of unsupported things to convince the simulator to do.


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