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Hi all


has anyone come across a problem with the 9.2 simulator on ESX where you enter maintenance mode and the prompt doesn't return a response?  ie you can carry on typing as much as you like but the console doesn't actually accept the command.


I am trying to assign disks so this is a show-stopper.


Thank you for any help








Thats an issue with the vidconsole in that version of the simulator.  Maintenance mode console output is going to the comconsole.  Two possible workarounds would be configuring/using the comconsole, or booting into ontap and doing the simulator disk management steps from the node shell & systemshell.  

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Thank you very much Sean.  I have also received some instructions regarding that, so if anyone else has similar issues:



1) Connect another VM to the simulator using a serial over network connection.    See:


2) Change the VLOADER setting as Sean has said:    setenv console comconsole


3) Connect from the other VM using Putty (or similar) on a COM port.  Default baud rate is 9600.