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Hi all


has anyone come across a problem with the 9.2 simulator on ESX where you enter maintenance mode and the prompt doesn't return a response?  ie you can carry on typing as much as you like but the console doesn't actually accept the command.


I am trying to assign disks so this is a show-stopper.


Thank you for any help







Re: ONTAP 9.2 Simulator


Thats an issue with the vidconsole in that version of the simulator.  Maintenance mode console output is going to the comconsole.  Two possible workarounds would be configuring/using the comconsole, or booting into ontap and doing the simulator disk management steps from the node shell & systemshell.  

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Re: ONTAP 9.2 Simulator


Thank you very much Sean.  I have also received some instructions regarding that, so if anyone else has similar issues:



1) Connect another VM to the simulator using a serial over network connection.    See:


2) Change the VLOADER setting as Sean has said:    setenv console comconsole


3) Connect from the other VM using Putty (or similar) on a COM port.  Default baud rate is 9600.










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